In smaller flute you have to blow harder, in bigger ones grip is comparatively difficult. So start with a medium one. You have to have some basic knowledge of . For learning the basics of Bansuri there is a channel in youtube by Himanshu Nanda (Disciple of Pandit hari Prasad Chourasia). This is pretty good for. Beginning level instruction on the art of the bansuri (bamboo flute) by flute master G.S. Sachdev.

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They can be played at varying speeds once mastered to ornament the music but as a beginner you should learn them as slowly as possible because this will train your brain and equip you better for playing them faster later.

Hello, I am over 50 and cannot play a note on the bansuri for 30 seconds. But sometimes scales will call for this note to played totally open. Bansuri is played with a cordination of both your hands bssics your bansurk.

The basic scale is as follows; I have added rainbow colours for ease of visualization. DD means scale or tone banxuri your flute and for pa dha ni dnt blow hard first, just blow from your heart. Happiness, agony, pain, disgust, anger, sorrow- everything can be related through the different kinds of music.

Will I banuri be able to play a raag if I cannot play a note for 30 seconds? Once you are comfortable with the bansuri you start with then slowly advance to the next bansuri for example say people with C can try A and people with A can try G and people with G note can try F.

This is notated as ‘ M ‘. Even though this scale is notated without lower or upper octave marks, on bansuri, the first 4 notes are made by blowing the lower octave, but to reach the next 3 notes you will have to alter your embouchure to find the next octave for those finger positions. Parth G 6 April at In case you are still not finding the right tone then please have a look at the below link it should help.



Its same like blowing in the pen’s cap in our school days. This seems counter intuitive at first, but makes sense if you keep in mind that baeics scale begins with 3 holes closed. Avinash Mishra 8 August at The air also needs to be more focused with the air flowing faster. Raise the flute so that the blowing hole is in front of your lips and aligned with them.

Now breathe out slowly and feel with your hand how your belly gets slowly smaller.

Of course if you are left handed you will use opposite hands. Furthermore, the notation system is based on finger position, rather than tone. And also my flute says it is DD what does it mean?

Hi, you have said that for the small hand we can select c or d do both have different sounds? The information you gathered is helpful. There are 7 main surs in Bansuri namely: RebelAngel Killer62 February 12, at 1: Please update about the mistakes you encountered too.

This first step concentrates on getting the sound. Doesn’t this makes the image redundant. I will call back. Songs can be played on any bansuri, regardless of flute length. The following exercises require the use of the tongue.

Radha Madhav Dham

So just look for a guru else if you learn own your own then you have to unlearn it first when you go to a guru for mastery over the instrument. You may notice if you are a beginner that you get out of breath easily or feel dizzy when blowing into the bansuri or that you are not able to play lots of notes or hold the sound for long this happens especially on the bigger flutes.

The notes are not measured in pitch hertzbut are in relation to the first note. The tuning we will learn afterwards. These sequences are called “Alankaar” or “Palta” in Hindi and mean “Ornamentation” or patterns of notes. The same amount of water is flowing out of the hose, but because the opening through which the water must pass is smaller, the water accelerates.


Learning Hindustani music takes much longer, even though you should begin learning as soon as you can play the notes. Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ bajsuri. If you go back and read it properly you might understand what i am trying to say. Unknown 29 September at These flutes are short enough for most beginners to be able to play.

I am not being able to play Pa Dha Ni as i have to banuri it harder and i am not being able to get bansuro clear sound from my flute. For a start just look to produce the sound. The same tune will sound different on 2 flutes of different keys, but the playing and notation method will not change. In following ways we can play the above seven surs.

Unknown 18 October at Reaching the notes in the banduri register can be more difficult. I also have asthma.

I love the bansuri very much and think bannsuri it constantly and practice every day. Below ‘X’ means the hole is closed and ‘0’ means the hole is open, ‘D’ means the hole is half covered and O is the blowing hole.

Ankit Kala 18 December at When the hole is fully opened that is known as Teevra Ma. And if you having financial issue, So go on you tube there are many teachers who are providing lessons and exercises where you can learn much things. Bansuri can play two to two and a half octaves, more on this later!

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