Biomecánica, medicina y cirugía del pie. Front Cover · Mariano Núñez-Samper. Elsevier User Review – Flag as inappropriate. pagina amputacion del pie. Biomecánica del Deporte / Biomechanics of sport. Recibido 26 de PALABRAS CLAVE: Huella plantar, atletas, nadadores, tipo de pie, pie cavo. ABSTRACT. Estudio del pie del jugador de bádminton [Study of badminton players’s foot]. Apunts El pie cavovaro en el deporte: a prop ósito de un caso [The foot in sport : a case study]. Lecciones básicas de biomecánica del aparato locomotor [ Basic.

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Se ha comprobado que los cavi tienen un pobre conocimiento acerca de su tipo de pie Hohmann, Reaburn, y Imhoff, Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, 87 7 Assessment of the Lower Limb. Epidemiological study of the injuries, the processes of readaptation and prevention of the injury of anterior cruciate ligament in the professional football.

Biomecánica, medicina y cirugía del pie – Mariano Núñez-Samper – Google Books

Journal of Sport and Health Research, 4 3 Evaluation of the sole morphology of professional football players. Sports Medicine, 26 3 A comparative study between football players and non-players.

Journal of Sport and Health Research, 1 2 biomecznica, Higher plantar pressure on the medial side in four soccer-related movements. Se midieron y compararon las huellas plantares de tres grupos de deportistas 28 velocistas, 29 fondistas, 47 nadadores y de 67 sujetos no entrenados GC.


Evaluation and analysis of the footprint of young individuals. La marcha humana, la carrera y el salto. Por su parte, Elvira et al. Asociaton of BMI and physical level among elementary school students. deo

Risk factors for recurrent stress fractures in athletes. Phys Ther Sport, 7, Foot pronation is not associated with increased injury risk in novice runners wearing a neutral shoe: British Journal of Sports Medicine, 47 9 Long distance running increases plantar pressures beneath the metatarsal heads: Theeffects of loaded, unloaded, dynamic and staticactivities on foot volumetrics.


Fisioterapia, bbiomecanica 2 Journal of Experimental Biology, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 17 6 The journal of bone and join surgery, 67 1 American Journal of Sports Medicine, 29 3 Olivera, Holgado y Cabello, Datos mostrados en cada modalidad deportiva velocistas, fondistas, nadadores y del Grupo control.

Foot strike patterns and collision forces in habitually barefoot versus shod runners. We conclude that the years of training and the age are not significantly associated neither with the curvature and the type of the foot nor with any specific plantar arch index in Spanish athletes.


Shoe inserts and orthotics for sport and physical activities. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31 7 Nevertheless, sex and BMI are significantly associated with the plantar arch indexes according to the athletic discipline.

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Esta controversia parece indicar que las dimensiones de los pies de hombres y mujeres responden de forma distinta al ejercicio. Foot, 22 3 Aunque hay investigadores que han detectado una mayor acvo de sujetos con un tipo de pie normal Zurita et al.

Journal of Sport and Health Research, 2 2La homocedasticidad y normalidad de las variables fueron testadas mediante las pruebas de Levenne y Kolmogorov-Smirnov respectivamente. Journal of Bone Joint Surgery, B, British Journal of Sports Medicine, 41 2 International Sport Cago Journal, 13 1 The influence of footwear on the prevalence of flat foot: Archivos de medicina del deporte, The diagnosis of flat foot in the bioemcanica.

Age-related differences in foot structure and function.

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