The Instruction Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi was presented to journalists at the Holy See Press Office on Friday, 14 May, by Cardinal Stephen Fumio Hamao. Instruction: Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi – The Love Of Christ Towards Migrants [Pontifical Council] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi: the Love of Christ Towards Migrants (Vatican Documents) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In the vision of the Second Vatican Council there are three fundamental ways in which the Church carries out its pastoral ministry: RMi 32, 49 and This can be seen in civil, political, ethnic and even religious conflicts raging in all continents. The National Co-ordinator must therefore work in close contact with the national and diocesan directors of pastoral work for migrants. Inthe context of interventions on behalf of migrants was improved by specific structures in the Roman Curia, when Paul VI founded the Pontifical Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migration and Tourism which became in the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peopleand it was entrusted with the important tasks of coordination, animation and pastoral encouragement, especially with regard to the individual Bishops’ Conferences.

DPMC 37 and The apostles insist on this point cf.

As such they have a special importance in the context of the witness which … is of prime importance in evangelisation. Many of them in fact could make an appreciable contribution to the spiritual care of migrants because they have members with different types of formation, coming from various countries, whom it would be relatively simple to transfer abroad.

The ecclesiological foundation of the pastoral care of migrants will also help give shape to a liturgy that is more sensitive to the historical and anthropological aspects of migration, so that liturgical celebrations become a living expression of communities of believers who walk hic et nunc on the ways of salvation.

All this reveals important theological and ergw insights.

Instruction: Erga migrantes caritas Christi

Pius X, Motu proprio Iam pridem: Migrants are often victims of illegal recruitment and of short-term contracts providing poor working and living conditions. Christians must in fact promote an authentic culture of welcome cf.


This is the only way to create dialogue, understanding and trust. Thus, in the second post-war period of the last century, while religious institutions for social assistance to immigrants were being founded in various nations, people finally felt the need for an authoritative intervention on the part of the Holy See in order to reactivate and reorganize the vast and complex pastoral involvement in this sector.

In fact nearly all countries are now faced with the eruption of the migration phenomenon in one aspect or another; it affects their social, economic, political and religious life and is becoming more and more a permanent structural phenomenon. Fraternal dialogue and mutual respect, the living testimony of love and welcome, thus constitute in themselves the first and indispensable form of evangelisation.

These introduce the analysis of pastoral questions that require responses, specifically the pastoral approaches among Catholic migrants, both of the Latin and the Eastern rites, of migrants who belong to other Churches or Ecclesial Communities, and those who are followers of other religions, Islam in particular. To those presbyters who wish to devote themselves to the spiritual assistance of migrants, the diocesan or eparchial bishop should give authorisation to do so if he considers them suited to this mission, in accordance with what is laid down in CIC Can.

In addition to these religious institutes for the pastoral care of migrants, there are also others which, although it is not their specific charism, are cordially invited to take part in this responsibility. In that way, in the Spirit of Pentecost, the particular Church will contribute to the foundation of a new society, in which the different languages and cultures no longer constitute inviolable confines, as after Babel, but in which this very diversity can realize a new manner of communication and communion cf.

All this reveals important theological and pastoral insights. In fulfilling their specific tasks, the lay faithful should be engaged in concretely carrying out what truth, justice and love require.

In fact the unity of Pentecost does not abolish the various languages and cultures but recognises them in their identities, at the same time opening them to other realities through the universal love at work in them.


They are thus an urgent appeal for true fraternity. This appeal to religious institutes for a particular commitment in favour of migrants and refugees is deeply motivated by what could be ergq as an affinity between the intimate expectations of these people uprooted from their homelands, and the religious life.

Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi

With regard to principles, the Document affirms that assistance should be provided by priests of the same nationality as the immigrants, or who speak the same language: As a result contacts with other Churches and Ecclesial Communities increase. The Pontifical Council directly addresses Episcopal Conferences and their respective Councils, the corresponding episcopal structures in the Eastern Catholic Churches concerned, and also individual bishops and hierarchs. OR 24 Decemberp.

Local Churches will take care to include such formation in the educational programmes of their seminaries, schools and parishes. And notwithstanding the repeated failures of human projects, noble as they may have been, Christians, roused by the phenomenon of mobility, become aware of their call to be always and repeatedly a sign of fraternity and communion in the world, by respecting differences and practising solidarity, in their ethics of meeting others.

For the Presentation of ‘Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi’

Through voluntary agreement and united efforts, they should look to and migranes their spiritual care by means of suitable methods and institutions. Juridical Pastoral Regulations Premise Art.

This includes the necessity to take into due account the new norms of the two Codes of Canon Law now in force for the Latin Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches, thus answering the particular migranntes of the growing numbers of emigrants of the Eastern Catholic Churches. GS 92 and brings out the value of migrations from the point of view of ecumenism and missionary work and dialogue