Frostbitten is the tenth novel in Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Wiki letter This article needs a plot summary. Please add one in your. Frostbitten is the eleventh book in Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld fantasy series which follows the lives and adventures of a number of supernatural women. Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It explores the human emotions of the werewolves as situations get out of control. Open Preview See a Problem? Industrial Magic Kelley Armstrong. Okay, okay, I was going to write a nice balanced review and all that, but let me start with zrmstrong complaint. Anyway, my love was no doubt due to the fabby and oh so enticing couple of Elena and Clayton.

She has always kept some sort of barrier between herself and Clay, where she rarely frostbktten her love towards him.

I really didn’t think that I would enjoy it too much, arjstrong I was more than pleasantly surprised. Previously, Elena has always struggled to forgive and forget the incident that lead to her becoming a werewolf — Clay biting her and turning her. I’m obsessed with any book taking place in Alaska! There were no humans here. Join the mailing list. I love this series and Elena and Clay are frosgbitten far my favorites. They are why I started reading this series in the first place and I know I better enjoy this one because we have 3 books focused on whiny brat Savannah to come and I just don’t like her at all.

The litle bit of mystery is interesting view spoiler [I like the idea if the old shifters. Frostbitten 12 27 Jan 17, And Elena Michaels couldn’t have picked a more dangerously sexy and undyingly loyal mate than Clayton Danvers. So take that as you may. Gripping, intense and deeply satisfying, Frostbitten is a brilliant novel of suspense with a supernatural twist.

So, if those are your favorites, just know you won’t find them here. I get that Elena being the only female werewolf means that all the other male werewolves are gunning for her, either because of her or to get to Clay.


While some of the plot was trying at times, the story as a whole moved forward, and given the end of the series is near, that is a very good thing. Frostbitten isn’t destined to be my favorite Women of the Otherworld book, but moves Elena and the pack’s story along nicely.

In this novel Elena and Clay travel to Alaska to have a talk with a young stray werewolf from Australia and visit a couple of ex-Pack members.

Review: Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

It’s just so much more fun to read about hand-to-hand fights, cracked bones, and torn-out throats. The story is set predominantly in Alaska, and arsmtrong Elena and Clay almost exclusively. He always melley a reluctant leader anyway so this seems like a natural progression for him. The wolves follow that. From the Hardcover edition.

This couple has come such a long way and I absolutely loved this journey with them! With more change on the horizon for Elena, it’s a pleasure to see her hardening somewhat – not freaking out over the things Clay has to do to protect the pack and even becoming more pragmatic when it comes to what she herself will do to protect the ones she loves.

Review: Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong | The Book Pushers | Book Reviews | Book Chatter

They find some kind of wolf beasts and a werewolf running with an actual pack kellet wolves. You are frostbotten everything IM humble O that werewolves should be. Jeremy is settled in his relationship with Jaime and starting to think about handing over control of the Pack to someone else so he can have a more relaxed life. As their search expands to include the mysterious disappearance of an old friend living the area, the pair is going to discover that that much is hidden in isolated A Frostbitten – Best of Clay and Elena so far – Great addition to Armstong’s series When the mutt Elena is chasing flees to Alaska, Pack enforcers werewolf Elena and her mate Clay are they are asked to do double duty and also check into some wolf mauling deaths in the frozen North – they suspect rogue ‘weres’ are behind the killings.

At times Frostbitten is uncomfortable reading as Elena reconciles her inner abused child with her strong werewolf exterior. To make that even worse, one of the mutts they find in Alaska is damned determine to rape her which makes her feel even worse.


Hamilton’s Anita Blake books which are up to 17 It’s strange comparing this series to other urban fantasy series. Blood Wyne Yasmine Galenorn. I am saying this because it might have some triggers for people so it might be wise to way reading it or not.

How can spell-casting, raising the dead, and give me a break! Even if that counts the events before “Bitten”, that’s still a lot of time under the fristbitten. What else would you expect from a book featuring Elena and Clay?? Even better, for me, are the graphic descriptions of how it feels frostbiten change from human into wolf and back again.

Beyond that, she is finally facing some of the demons from her childhood Clay is awesome, he’ll always be awesome, and we get a good dose of him here. And what is the strange shifter that Dennis was researching before he died? Also seeing how the pack has to change to keep up with the way the world is changing is interesting as well.

When word comes of a series of humans apparently killed by wolves near Anchorage, Elena and Clay are sent to check things out. Whilst I understood her feelings towards Clay, regarding her turning, I always rooted for them as a couple.

Smart, sexy, supernatural—the men and women of the Otherworld live and love, fight and die, among us. I am not fan of Savannah the witchso I skip those books.

We are also introduced to the runaway rogue Reece, Joey’s son Noah and a cast of seriously bad guys. In this book, she really begins to understand that she needs to start making better short term decisions her long term decision making skills have always been pretty good.

Now, in the werewolf world because yes, we are finally back for the final werewolf-based bookrape is going to be a big issue and has been since book one.