The Alinco DRTQ 2M/ FM mobile rig quickly became a winner. DTMF Hand Mic, DC cord, mounting hardware, mic clip and informative manual. View and Download Alinco DRT instruction manual online. VHF/UHF Twin Band FM transceiver. DRT Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for. Manuals and User Guides for Alinco DRE. We have 4 Alinco DRE manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual, Service Manual.

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Adjustable “Time Out” Timer, essential for packet and repeater operations. I make no promises. I manul how alinco has done their mods on their other radios and I found they usually have a red and blue wire which opens up the TX.

Have you any tips, trick or modifications you can’t find here, please E-mail them to me, or use the mail form. Then TX are locked press: The Alinc only has a blue wire. Glows green on receive and red when you transmit on either band. This modification is read times.

Alinco DRE Manuals

You’re completely on your own, and this probably voids the warranty. Operate cross-band in full duplex simultaneous transmit and receive. You can transmit on one band and receive on the other.

Know at a glance which band is receiving a signal. The display can show frequency and memory or you can simplify operations with the DRT’s “Channel Only” display. Hold down the function key and repower the radio. Click here to view larger.


As supplied with radio. After removing mine I found that the radio can now transmit from to and from to into a Dummy load.

There are no squelch knobs to accidentally bump “open” or too high when adjusting volume. The DR features a set and forget squelch. An internal antenna duplexer is featured to allow you to connect your DRTQ directly to a dual-band antenna.

Press any key to clear Open Exit Key Lock mode. All mods i have is listed on this site.! The details are as follows: The DRTQ can also be used as a temporary cross-band repeater for special events or emergency use. Hardware kit for MB with parts, wrench and two 15 Amp fuses. Choose the scan “hold” with “timed” or “busy frequency” hold.

Around the clock, around the town, around the world.

Choose the maximum amount of time the DRTQ will transmit. Desk Mic with 8 pin plug. CopyrightUniversal Radio, Inc.

Can’t you find a mods, please don’t e-mail to me. If you look down inside the front cover you can see the single blue wire. It’s another way the DRTQ gets you on the air for less!

Press function and “lock” button does appears lock fuction. Hold the radio face down on a cloth.

MB Extra mobile mounting bracket for aalinco vehicle. Remove the top cover four screws. No modifications are needed for packet operation. You can software program your radio for extended TX and X-band operation. Remember it is illegal to transmit out of the band that the radio was type classified for You get memory channels to spare; 50 selections plus a CALL channel for each band total.


You save by not having to purchase a duplexer or an extra antenna plus coax and connectors.

Alinco DR-605E Manuals

Back to start apinco. Fused DC power cord [as supplied]. The DRTQ comes ready to work packet on either or both bands. Click here for more info. This resets the computer and you will lose your memory channels. Replace the top cover.

Alinco DRTQ DRT Amateur Mobile Transceiver DR

It attaches to the surface of the board with two solder joints. Squelch for each band is set by you and stays at that setting electronically, not mechanically, until you wish to adjust it. Discontinued Amateur Mobile Transceivers. Channel selection is easier for the new operator and a time-saver during emergency operations.

Dedicated bps packet connections are on the rear panel.