Apollo Medical Devices is commercializing a rapid blood testing technology with an anticipated turnaround time of five minutes using just a single drop of blood. Medtech Notes. likes · Medtech Notes added 26 new photos. October 8 ·. Must have! Recommendations and Reviews. Recommended by 1 . The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon offers an to reflect on what we know about the Apollo era and its legacies, what we still need to H- Sci-Med-Tech List Discussion Logs · H-Sci-Med-Tech Reviews.

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What is Medical Lab Software? Aesthetic Record by Aesthetic Record 16 reviews.

FDA Clears Apollo Endosurgery’s OverStitch Sx Endoscopic Suturing System

Learn more about PowerMed eLab. Learn more about CloudDx Clinical Cloud-based solution for genomic testing rveiew, results interpretation, data storage and analysis. Accelerate your search by streamlining your research project management and data analysis. Learn more about Chemical Inventory Tool to keep track of the chemical inventory at various locations including multi-users with specific access privileges.

Learn more about Optivision LMS. Learn more about MediLab. Learn more about LabCup. The new patents cover multi-articulating instruments, robotic system control, and user interfaces. It can automate all areas of the laboratory, including chemistry, hematology, toxicology, pharmacogenomics, microbiology, mycology, serology, cytology and parasitology.

SoftLinx by Hudson Robotics 0 reviews.

Modular hospital management system that allows healthcare centers to handle their administrative and patient care activities. SyMetric by SyMetric Sciences 0 reviews.

Learn more about WinTOX Designed for the toxicology laboratory, with client demographics and reports tailored for the drugs of abuse market.

Learn more about Pathology Lab Reporting System This rveiew a web based platform designed for pathology labs. Learn more about LAB Asistan An information system managing the cycle beginning with the entrance of the sample to the laboratory to the conveyance. Learn more about LIS LIS Advanced and integrated laboratory information system.


Learn more about RADAR Essential tools for communication and documentation of all critical test results reporting, made by physicians for physicians. Learn more about ValGenesis An enterprise validation life-cycle management system that manages an entire validation life-cycle process.

Learn more about Avalon Laboratory System Avalon Laboratory System is a highly sophisticated group of programs designed to manage all production and billing needs of laboratories. Configurable Microsoft Access based solution for small medical labs in a variety of industries. Telcor RCM by Telcor 0 reviews. Learn more about LIS Anywhere. Validation Manager by Finbiosoft 0 reviews. A fully configurable and integrated system built to maximize the efficiencies of your research organization. Learn more about Optivision LMS LIMS tool that is fully menu- driven, guiding you through each section with instructions written in ophthalmic laboratory terminology.

Web-based database management tool used in the life sciences field addressing particular requirements of quality driven laboratories Learn more about Labcore SDMS Web-based database management tool used in the life sciences field addressing particular requirements of quality driven laboratories Learn more about Labcore SDMS Web-based database management tool used in the life sciences field addressing particular requirements of quality driven laboratories.

Document Control manages your laboratory’s policies and procedures in an easy-to-use online system. The Year in Review. Replacing painful vein sticks with finger stick blood tests should, pending regulatory clearance, enhance patient comfort, decrease clinician sample acquisition time, and open the field of use greatly to include first responders, military, and disaster relief organizations.


A state-of-the-art but simple user interface for efficient clinical testing. Learn more about StrainControl Laboratory Manager Keep track of strains, cell-lines, plasmids, oligos, antibodies, inventories, chemicals and more with StrainControl Laboratory Manager.

Designed to analyze a wide variety of industries such as Pharmaceutical and health care laboratories.

Software solutions for clinical, anatomic-pathology laboratories and biobanks. Learn more about Sleep WorkFlow. Learn more about Smartlab A clinical laboratory management solution available in English and Arabic. Learn more about VisuaLab Database system for maintaining patient information and tracking lab results.

Learn more about elucidaid. Learn more about LABA. Monitor and take corrective actions and continuous improvement at all the stages of lab process from sample collection to dispatch.

Learn more about CDD Vault.

Best Medical Lab Software | Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

CDD Vault is a comprehensive drug discovery informatics platform for research laboratories. Learn more about Laboratory Billing System Billing and accounts receivable system for laboratory environments.

Image Central by Advanced Imaging Concepts 0 reviews. Turnkey Windows LIS solution to meet the needs of today’s clinical laboratory market.

Medical Lab Software

Learn more about ClinLab Learn more about eLab A comprehensive medical diagnostic center and lab management software. Learn more about Laboratory Billing System. Learn more about LabOnLine. Case management tool that integrates analytical results, lab information, and evidence tracking for clear understanding of overall case Learn more about LIMS-plus. Learn more about QLAB.

Solutions for management laboratory workflows from sample receiving and storage to sample pre-processing and experiments. Learn more about Delphic LIS.

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