Here you can download and print out user manuals for Bosch power tools, not only for current tools but also for tools that are no longer available on the market. Royzee: Ok, It sounds like the lock has broken. This has a solenoid in it which keeps the door locked for several minutes after the final spin. Genuine BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Spares Parts, Every Part, Every Model, Search more then Appliance Parts, Free Delivery WFBAU

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When I turn the blade on it keeps getting interrupted the speed goes up then down, up then down. The small bearing on the arbor shaft seems a bit loose, but I’m not sure if it’s my imagination. Does this sound familiar? I recently had the tail bearing on the armature go bad. Or any opinion of what it might be or should try first? When I move it using the front locking handle, the rear of the fence is very loose and moves a considerable distance before being locked in place which throws off my measurements and I have to keep readjusting to get it set where I need it.

I checked the switch then plugged the motor direct into the current 20amp by-passing the switch and also reversed the wiring on the cord, same thing All of these parts are available from http: The polarity has reversed itself. I recently bought a Bosch table saw used and looking at this forum for information.


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Are you sure you have it wired back up right. Could the controlled be bad out of the box? Let us know if it is loose or too tight.

Right now I have replaced the brushes since the motor did not run correctly, this being only several hours aftergetting it repaired. Bosch Table Saw ifix2ls.

Bosch WFB Series; Homark; Siemens WM Series Drain Pump Base & Filter Housing (220V-240V, 50Hz, 30W)

afb I’m afraid to put new bearings in and then have to take it back apart to find the gears need replacing or whatever. Took everything apart and blew it with air hose to remove any saw dust. Bosch Table Saw sethg. Bosch Tablesaw Rod Rudds. Bosch Table Saw poorsaw. My guess that it is your speed control. If so you could have a bad armature.

Pool and Spa Parts Brands. Other than crossing my fingers every time I turned it on, it performed perfectly all weekend cutting hundreds of linear feet of 1″ plank. As 40000 information as you can give will greatly increase the chances that someone can pin down what wrong with it.

Is there a part to connect to the discharge pipe and or a kit to connect to a vacuum system?

This is what happened 5 years ago. You will want to remove the brushes. My friend has the same saw and had reving issues, blew out the speed control unit and then it worked fine. I removed the blade again and without the blade on, the motor seems to run fine. Hello gidget, Manufactures used to put the wiring diagrams on the parts diagrams. The problem with the blue sparks and the speed going up and down along with burning brushes out would suggest that there is a short in the commutator on the armature.


I really can’t see where something like the speed control could just “go bad” during the course of a few hours. My saw siezed up on me the other day after years of pretty good abuse. Brush holders and springs seem fine. They should be able to help you with the wiring or send you a wiring diagram. You need to replace Speed Control Part Number: So why is the motor running backwards all of a sudden?

I have same problem??? I am convinced wcb is a factory defect. Been buying parts but never used the Forum, so here goes, Customer called and said that his Bosch started tripping his breakers in the shop and the motor boach struggling also running backwards?

A loud noise is usually caused by bad bearings. The only other thing that could cause this is if the brake lead from the field is broken so the controller is not getting a signal from the field and thats whats causing it to be wonky. Doesnt the bearings and the brushes serve hold the armature in place? I too have replaced a number of these circuit boards. Any ideas as to what is going on? Thanks in advance for any advice.