The Chroma A W and A W DC electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable A series load modules for easy system. RENT CHROMA DC Electronic Load Mainframe. Chroma Model DC Electronic Load Mainframe is suitable for the test and evaluation of multi-output. Product Name: DC Electronic Load. Model Name: , , , , , , , , , Manufacturer’s Name: Chroma ATE .

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Discounts may be offered for reduced service levels. From figures 2 and 3, the start up voltage and current of the LED driver is very similar. The A series offers 8 different modules with power ratings from watts to 1, watts, current ratings from 0. The loading waveform is user programmable in slew rates, load levels, duration and conducting voltage.

Similar Products In Stock! We would also greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with this error code: Modular Load Design The Chroma and electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable series load modules for easy system configuration and fit 19″ instrument rack.

Message 2 of 7. The load 614 be operated in constant current, constant voltage, and constant resistance. Thank you for reminding me about the upper case and lower case.

Please correct the issue indicated and resubmit or contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to assist you with this request.


Figure 9 shows the current waveform from a resistive load. Then you can start to program. The figure below shows the programmable parameters of the A modules: Furthermore, up to sets of system operating status can be stored in EEPROM and recalled instantly for automated testing application. Some instruments allow part or all of the lowercase command to be omitted, others allow only for the whole part to be present or omitted but not fractions thereof.

Chroma 6314 Programmable DC Electronic loads

Standard accessories supplied by the original manufacturer No manuals or accessories required Other specify Will you accept an instrument with minor cosmetic and physical flaws if it operates properly? In-Stock Notification Request Sent Your request to be notified when this product is back in stock has been sent to our sales department. Message 6 of 7. I had a look at your VI. Also – even if you just use raw serial commands – you never configure the serial port to have the right parameters e.

Error Sending Request We are very sorry but an error on the server is preventing your request from being processed. Figure 3 shows the current waveform from A’s LED mode load function.

Thank you everyone for your inputs! The A series cgroma simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications. Figure 5 shows the dimming current waveform when using A as a load.

Unable to Process Request Your offer was received but we are unable to process it for the following reason: I have 4 double modules. The programmable slew rate makes the simulation of chroa load change demanded by real life applications possible.


set channel, mode and voltage value to chroma – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Model sinks a maximum current of A, and is the most costeffective in high power testing application. So when i simulate a voltage into the load through a power source, the load display will only receive till 10V no matter if i tune the source to above 10V. Figure 9 and 10 current waveform differs significantly from that of LED loading, especially the voltage and current overshoot, which may cause the LED driver to go into protection.

If my VISA Write and Croma works fine when i want to fetch voltage and current, shouldnt i be able to control the machine by putting: Additionally, the offers an optional remote controller for automated production line.

Chroma 6314

Please enter your offer below for consideration. The family offers 8 types of modular loads with power ranging from watts to wattscurrent from 0. Each load is isolated and floating, programmable in dual current range cchroma measuring voltage range, and capable of synchronizing with other modules for control operation.