Pro: You are flying in a giant undead zombie whale blimp. Con: You .. The DM probably won’t include airships specifically, but he will allow pretty much any official material. So the .. Quick Navigation D&D 3e/e/d20 Top. Airships – While some choose to sail the seas and oceans seeking trade, Sam Witt has masterfully blended d20 rules work to create an. Airships roleplaying book d20 Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight: Airships provides all the rules necessary to bring flying ships into any campaign setting.

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It can fly without Suspension!

Results 1 to 30 of It can be any shape you want it to be, provided you meet three criteria: Evil, uses negative energy. What is the highest level of spellcasting that you all have access to? Either it reduces gravity which allows things dependent on weight better or it reduces the speed at which you accelerate but still have the same weight.

Yay ethereal akrships pirate ships! Cons shown in getting it aloft section Option 6: However, if I do 4 instances in each end of the ship, then arguably those 4 wouldn’t be lifting the entire weight of the ship, giving me enough time to raise the other 4 in the other end of the ship during the next round.


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While some choose airzhips sail the seas and oceans seeking trade, adventure, and fame, others are more daring and sail the skies of their worlds. It can pilot itself tirelessly and unerringly so you don’t need a crew of any kind.

This board needs a “you’re technically right but I still want to crawl into the fetal position and cry” emoticon.

High duration, adds protection at the same time Cons many of them: Just get a spell powerful enough to lift it, then permanency that spell. Needs a spellcaster as a full time helmsman.

Timothy rated it really liked it Apr 27, Still, a high caster level or multiple wands still are needed. Locomotion Options not part of the above: High caster level I mean level Two Animate Objects at caster level 16 will provide enough bulk of animation to turn the ship itself into a Colossal Animated Object.

Books by Bastion Press. What raw materials do you have access to?

You get a few flying effigies or flying mindless undead to pull your swank flying boat! Nothing would be able to shut them off from outside the ship, and if your enemy is capable of getting airshi;s the ship to shut them off then you’ve probably got bigger things to worry about anyway. Put an extension ladder on a rotating platform at the top, similar to what a modern firetruck has, but put enough sections on it that it can reach at least 30 ft.


Originally Posted by subject You want it to be a wondrous item at least. Depending on how heavy your ship is, however, you still might have issues, because directing each suspended object is a move action.

Build an Airship

Refresh and try again. Edit – I want basic combat capability. Or you could put the sail in front and power it with a Gust of Wind or something similar. If you use these rules for the main way of doing locomotion, then the price starts adding up real quick.

At low enough levels for it to be useful I’m not sure you could build it.

Option 5 part of the first section: Last edited by MukkTB; at Needs a spellcaster at the helm. You are flying in a giant undead zombie whale airshis Con: Construction rules, combat, aerial and 3D movement, and other essential information is all covered. Last edited by Gavinfoxx; at It can move pretty fast and maneuver!

Airships: A D20 System Rules Supplement

Finally, the ship itself should be able to reach and touch the aforementioned traps which bestow beneficial effects. Any of the Cost Reduction feats? Caravels weigh up to tons. The time now is

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