Discussing the undiscussable. A workbook for improving group effectiveness and openness. Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau. This is a resource file which supports. Discussing the undiscussable. Dick, Bob, and Dalmau, Tim () Discussing the undiscussable: improving group effectiveness and openness. Paper prepared. Acad Med. Dec;89(12) doi: /ACM Discussing the undiscussable with the powerful: why and how faculty must learn to.

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Bill Noonan enlivens the s Paperback. Chris rated it really liked it Dec 04, Think of a small group as a system of rules, actions, and results Groups of relative strangers suffer from the opposite problem.

The purpose of this activity is to help you to identify information which is relevant to group operation but is hard to discuss.

Discussing the Undiscussable: A Guide to Overcoming Defensive Routines in the Workplace

Dankoski is associate dean for faculty affairs and professional development, Lester D. Teams larger than 5 can be split into two or more duscussing teams.

Participants can then refer to their entries on earlier worksheets by folding them over. A procedure for discussinf this is as follows Are there items it would be useful to discuss in the group? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This list won’t be explicitly used; its purpose is to prepare your mind for the step which follows. Working individually, examine your B list.


In lengthier activities there may be a structured “climate setting” activity in lieu of the informal discussion. Then, using this agreement as a guide, work through the steps in your own time.

What information would you find it hard to discuss in the group? When they have developed an adequate understanding, group members can usually reach agreement on how to operate.

This step is used if you are choosing small groups from within a larger group. Unless the whole group is very small, therefore, subgroups are probably warranted. Paperbackpages.

Bill Noonan is an educator and consultant with an international practice that includes facilitation, conducting workshops, and designing web-based learning programs. There will be a later opportunity to add to the list.

Zac Stevens rated it undiscussabpe was amazing Aug 19, When leaders become more skilled at inviting multiple perspectives and faculty more adept at broaching difficult conversations with those in power, differences are more effectively addressed and conflicts resolved.

Any groundrule-setting or climate-setting activity, therefore, can be strengthened by being preceded by an activity such as the one described in this workbook. Mistakes, Continuous Learning, and Progress.

The original document from which this was undiscuesable was formatted as a workbook. Give particular attention to things which might annoy you, or distract you, or disturb you in some way, but which you would be unlikely to talk about.

Discussing the undiscussable

Before continuing, please read the following In which you choose items from the previous step which fit into the three lists. Arrange the instructions on the left half of that sheet, and the workspace on the right.


Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Helping Those Who Teach, Learn. In overview, the activity has nine main sections approximate minimum times in minutes, suitable for a 2-hour activity, are given in parentheses for each step Copyright c Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau The group and its members are thus locked into a system which is not as effective as it might be.

However, the rules are mostly implicit. They are also then more likely to choose a style which benefits the group collectively and all of its members.

You are currently using yndiscussable site but have requested a page in the site. They are more likely to do this if they understand how the group operates, and how its operating style supports or undermines effectiveness and satisfaction. You may find it useful to include information about djscussing such as the following If not, choose some other group where you do know all the members well. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.