Canine distemper is a contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that with the Canine Distemper brochure, also available in Spanish (Moquillo). Many translated example sentences containing “canine distemper” – Spanish- English comunidad, entre ellas, moquillo canino, parvovirus, panleucopenia [ ]. Definition / notes: El distemper canino es una enfermedad altamente contagiosacausada por un virus que afecta los aparatos respiratorio, gastrointestinal, y a.

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This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat The above signs, especially fever, respiratory signs, neurological signs, and thickened footpads, occurring in unvaccinated dogs strongly indicate canine distemper.

Distemper, or hardpad disease in canines, [14] affects animals in the families Canidae dog, fox, wolf, Raccoon dogMustelidae ferret, mink, skunk, wolverine, marten, badger, otter[11] [14] Procyonidae raccoon, coatiAiluridae red caniniUrsidae bearElephantidae Asian elephantand some primates e.

These infected cells have inclusions which stain a carmine red color, found in the paranuclear cytoplasm readability. It can also be spread by food and water contaminated with these fluids.

Canine distemper

Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat 3rd ed. Retrieved 30 September The virus initially replicates in the lymphatic tissue of the respiratory tract. Jorge Guerrero November 6, These dogs are usually humanely euthanized because of the immense pain and suffering they face.


This problem is even greater within areas such as Arizona, owing to the vast amount of rural land. Outbreaks of canine distemper continue to occur throughout the United States and elsewhere, and are caused by many factors, including proximity to wild animals and lack of vaccinated animals.

Canine distemper virus tends to orient its infection towards the lymphoidepithelialand nervous tissues. The disease is highly contagious via inhalation. Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, otherwise known as encephalomyelitiseither is associated with this, subsequently follows, or comes completely independent of these problems.

No specific treatment for the canine distemper is known. Infected animals should be quarantined from other dogs for several months owing to the length of time the animal may shed the virus. A number of vaccines against canine distemper exist for dogs ATCvet code: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Despite extensive vaccination in many regions, it remains a major disease of dogs.

Puppies experience the highest mortality rate, where complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis are more common.

Canine distemper – Wikipedia

What You Need To Know”. Distemper is caused by a single-stranded RNA virus of the family Paramyxoviridaewhich is a close relative of the viruses that cause measles in humans and rinderpest in animals.

A dog that survives distemper continues to have both nonlife-threatening and life-threatening signs throughout its lifespan. Dog diseases Animal virology. This article is about a disease generally affecting animals in the order Carnivora.


However, moquilli disease continues to spread among unvaccinated populations, such as those in animal shelters and pet stores. As with measles, the treatment is symptomatic and supportive.

Distemper Canino

Archived from the original on 12 March The length of the systemic disease may be distmper short as 10 days, or the start of neurological signs may not occur until several weeks or months later.

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Latin dis- and Latin temperaremeaning to not mix properly. Retrieved October 31, Retrieved 9 May These affected teeth tend to erode quickly.

Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Views Read Edit View history. Since puppies are typically sold at the age of weeks, they typically receive the first shot while still with their breeder, but the new owner often does not finish the series. This provides a dlstemper threat to both the rural and urban communities throughout the United States, affecting both shelter and domestic canines.

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