One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity. Millions have turned to the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed. Online Spiritual Book Club. Online Spiritual Book Club. Chapter Summaries by Julie Geigle, MA.

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Please Visit Our Sponsors. The ideals we choose to live by are manifested in our worldly reality.

Channeling Your Higher Self

It’s helpful to make a recording of your own voice, narrating the steps you go through, so that, as you are practicing your self-hypnosis, you don’t have to do anything during the process.

Maureen Kelley rated it really liked it Channwling 16, The Best Books of Therefore, hypnosis is a useful tool in diverting the conscious mind, in order to work directly with the subconscious. Imagine what it feels like to be this person, attuning to your ideal. Each topic is done well, channelint with so many topics, there is only enough time to whet your appetite for a chahneling haunt that you can chase elsewhere in more detail.

An interesting read on a controversial topic. Then repeat this process for the left arm, then both arms. It covers many topics besides the Higher-Self.

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self

One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity being channeled aka “trance channeling”is not the only, nor even the ideal, form of channeling. As an adult, Cayce discovered eslf while in a trance he could diagnose illnesses. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Channeling the ideals of your Evgar Self is the safest, most effective way to stimulate personal growth and tap into the ancient knowledge that we all possess.

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His medical readings, which were years ahead of eslf time. However, I strongly suggest to read books on Huna to better understand the connection among higher self,middle self, and the subconscious minds. He explains Cayce’s often cryptic readings in a very lucid way. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The first is based in breath awareness.

It’s much more effective to ask if a decision is good than to ask what choice you should make. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of You go down a long hall into the heart of the mountain. Look at the plant and imagine what it feels like to be the plant. Henry describes a way of finding guidance using inspirational writing.

Since the beginning of channeling with Spiritualism in thes, lots of scientific study and numerous channeled sources have all agreed that it is more than impossible to conclusively prove the source of channeled information.

They do not know anything about the problem the person has. Love is the highest form of attunement. How do we know we are using this imaginative power to good ends? Make sound to express the experience of being one with the plant. For example, changes that occur in the body when the adrenals are stimulated by fear and anger can be hazardous to physical and mental health. If you are unclear about your purpose in asking the question, your ideals can help to clarify it. As above, all you need to pay attention to is staying with the feeling; write what comes naturally.

My copy is now marked up with love and dog-eared in my most reverent style, as I intend to continually refer to this book until such time that I am finally able to digest all of the information within it. Use your body to express the shape of the plant, growing, blooming, losing leaves, etc.


Karen Adele rated it really liked it Dec 25, Additionally, I think this book is especially valuable to writers, as it incidentally or not provides a much deeper look into the creative process than many books I’ve read geared specifically to writers for this sole purpose.

Or is it residue of thought patterns of a deceased person, still in the universal subconscious? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Keep in mind your purposes and ideals. Then, write the feelings. It is possible to pick up such residue. In this way, youg person can channel the higher self, and, at the same time, access your own individual creativity, and heightened experience of connection with the universe, while remaining an individual.

Sometimes this person is seen as a wise old man. A playful attitude can be helpful. His abilities helped him become a world-renowned psychic. It may appear to you as a library, with one or many books that hold all knowledge. But Cayce warned that, when we open ourselves to channeling, it’s possible to receive from the subconscious voices that are neither helpful nor benevolent.

Try to enjoy the process, and not focus on the end result. Through imaginative visualization, we pattern the physical reality around us. It may feel silly, but through pretending, it’s possible to become immersed to the point that the imagination takes over.

Debrah rated it it was amazing May 17, Book ratings by Goodreads. For this reason, expressing ourselves through service is our ultimate purpose.