Eico Sine and Square Audio Wave Generator | eBay!. Audio Generator Equipment EICO Electronic Instrument Brooklyn, build , 11 pictures, 2 schematics, 5 tubes, United States of America. Used Eico Vacuum tubes for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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I have four other pieces of Eico equipment. The exact tube line up, internal parts, even the colors of the eeico and front panel could be different depending on when it was made.

Eico 377 to 5c1 Champ conversion

Late model from Sep Tue 06, 3: The mini tube was obvious due to socket size. Steve Dow ve7aso rac.

Google [Bot]N5NA and 5 guests. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. This was probably a worthwhile mod but unfortunately 2 extra holes were drilled in the front panel.

The soldering and construction is nice work. Edited to include the pics Thanks for the info and the ideas. The output is high impedance and not meant to drive a speaker. I have one exactly like eicp.


Books Support This Site: If it’s wired for a 6SQ7 the heater voltage will be between pins 7 and 8. As for yours, I think I see a diode on the terminal strip that the transformer secondary winding leads all connect to, eliminating the need for the rectifier tube.

A 6SJ7 would make sense and the eick wiring seems to fit as much as I can tell from the pic. I pretty much guessed on the tube locations. Others above have already pointed out that most of the tubes in the unit are functionally similar, so you will probably find that the generator is indeed as shown if you re-draw the diagram with the pin-outs of the tubes that are present.

The wiring on the octal socket appears to be consistent with a 6SJ7 or similar tube. Portland, Maine, United States. It was eick and surprisingly flat across the frequency ranges. If the 6SQ7 is a mistake and a 6SJ7 really belongs in there, the wiring will correspond to the schematic.

Eico to 5c1 Champ conversion | The Gear Page

Log in or Sign up. I have two versions of the but not this one and have no data on it. I edited the original post to include the pics.


The version arrived in like new condition except for white oxidation on the cadmium plated steel chassis and the factory tag still eixo the handle.

Audio Generator 377

Before powering it up I did a visual inspection of the circuitry and checked for any obvious shorts etc. The tubes were loose and rolling around inside the case when I got it. I also have an older version from I think the s using the older octal ieco.

Last edited by ’66Cuda on Sep Tue 06, 4: KindaFuzzyDec 28, Dec Mon 31, Similar sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions – Similar sponsored items. May we help you read better. The 6FG7 replaces the 6SN7. If it was an intentional change, the socket wiring will not match the schematic.

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