A biography of New Thought writer Frank Channing Haddock, best known for his Power-Book Library which included the Power of Will, Power for Success, etc. Power of Will has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. Three parts embracing the Theory and Practice of a Growing Will; Direct Control of the Personal. 1 quote from Frank Channing Haddock: ‘Personal life is a play between powers without and powers within the central function of Will. Personal life ends in.

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I affirm that spirituality is true freedom.

Pyramid of Physical Magnetism. Power of WIll- Vol. I hope, rather, to present methods which shall be definite and practical, so that you will be able to do the very chanjing needful.

Power of Will

These statements are placed here because, had they appeared at the beginning of our work, the outlook would have seemed, perhaps, discouraging, but more especially because they would not have been understood. This book has tried to saturate you with the idea of success coordinating with its necessary elements, and has thus endeavored to swing your whole being into mighty belief that large success is also for YOU.

Jacques Williamson rated it it was amazing Mar 02, The frnk gift of Life to primeval man, after love, was reason. They are commended to your approval. Calico Jack rated it liked it Jan 03, I affirm that life is my perfect university.

I affirm my sovereign selfhood. If you cannot do this or choose not to do soyou should at least constitute this book a permanent companion. The sea, the pine, the cganning, the forest deep, Bequeath to me at will their subtle wealth. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


If you come to harmony with the White Hxddock, your fears will vanish because you will then share in the Courage of the Eternal Good. Magnetic success demands the direct attack when etheric harmony of “tone” is assured, but the indirect method otherwise; that is, such attack-methods as will secure that harmony. For one thing, I FEEL that the world’s mind is slowly yet swiftly changing its adjustment to one supreme reality–Truth.

Such are some of the realities that are being quietly and potently assumed and affirmed to-day throughout the world. Psychic healing occupies another field.

Power of Will by Frank Channing Haddock

If you project, that surface through to III, you are a fine moral person. Haddock retired from the ministry to become a writer. Inafter his father was assassinated in Sioux City, Iowa due to his connection to the temperance movementFrank Haddock returned to the church, and worked as a minister in Iowa, Ohio, and Massachusetts. Other things being equal, magnetism unfolds as gratifying, but unostentatious, self- valuation develops. I affirm buoyant happiness as my present possession.

The essences affirmed are beyond cavil. I deny that I am mean, low or ignoble in morals. There are two kinds of courage: You have paid an easy price chnning magnetic power, for the gains discount the pains. In minds has begun the swing and heave of the sea.

Frank Channing Haddock

A new day of splendid, unhampered, happy and growing spiritual life is bursting over the earth. This book has promised no miracle.

Therefore every age has torn off some of the ancient outer things, and insisted at last on truth alone. All things exist for all beings. I deny the reality of any cause for fear. Scattered here and there through the preceding pages, various laws of magnetism have appeared. These methods, in the hadddock, I now announce as follows: North Loop Capital Management added it Dec 31, Haddock will open new views of individual nature, personal fears, avenues of self-unfoldment, which are wholesome and uplifting for you.


All the fears in the world cannot benefit you. The highest state of the individual, therefore, is religious at the top. If you live only on surface I, you are mere animal.

Run, sea, in my heart!

You may thus possess physical health without haddkck magnetism. Love and reason alone can take care of man, so far as his own efforts are concerned. Such is one of my reasons for believing that the world is growing better. Paperbackpages. The Foundation of Courage-Power. I deny disease to be my necessary portion. Enrique Glaciation rated it it was ok Jul 22, I deny that I am less than a king. The self creates or builds its own body, and the condition of the self determines the condition of the body.

The idea of self-preservation is as strongly present as with the most abjectly timid or terrified, but fear they do not know. The normal warning is induced by actual danger apprehended by mind in a state of balance and self-control.

Frank Channing Haddock – Wikipedia

And each day, each hour, demands hadfock further motion and adjustment of the soul. Continuous, intense affirmation of actual possessed magnetic power stimulates the success-elements, maintains receptivity, emphasizes demand, harmonizes and intensifies inner etheric vibrations, and induces a positive movement of the universal ether and its forces inward toward the central self. You may believe it is FEAR that seeks your self-protection.