Except our standard products, all our backshells can be adapted to your. Gauthier Connectique développe et réalise des connecteurs et produits. see. Connectors accessories. Accessories isolated and no-isolated.

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In this company not too far from the channel where connectiqje worked for ten years, he worked as a turner and digital miller, a advantage for the rest of his career.

After a short period of unemployment, Anthony Lemercier quickly bounced back thanks to a temp agency that found him a technician position at Gauthier Connectique. Once I have designed my piece, using the Mastercam software, I create a manufacturing range for the workshop, which consists in positioning all the tools inside the machine which is digitally controlled, to manufacture the part. If you don’t have username, Request a user name below.

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Born in Avranches, this solid forty-year-old has done all his apprenticeship in a Manchois company specialized in precision mechanics. This username is already active in another session. Recover Your Username Please enter the email address associated with your account to recover your username. Which actually gives Anthony Lemercier more interesting career prospects for the future.

How to introduce yourself during an interview 17 July 0. Please enter the username associated with your account to recover your password. Fully fulfilled in his position, Anthony Lemercier benefited in June from a qualifying training. You have already submitted a request.


Support the development of his company. It is in the heart of the former lower normandy that Anthony Lemercier has found the professional environment in which he can thrive. First partner with all its customers and working on prestigious programs such as the A, the Rafale, the Falcon range and the satellites, the company has in fact planned to tackle new markets, mainly in the circular connector.

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Surface treatment under scrutiny

Please wait for the sales rep approval. Your account has been locked temporarily. He has the the same ambition as Gauthier Connectique.

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Gauthier Connectique – Cetim – Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry

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Revision Level Applicable NO. A long lease followed with the company AFIM, which is unfortunately now gone.

Let’s imagine the future together

This will allow him to extend his skills, deepening in gauyhier machining techniques. Please enter the email address associated with your account to recover your username. I transfer, as a last resort, the program to one of the four digital machines — two 5-axis, a 4-axis and a 3-axis — which the company has gradually acquired over the past few years. Two months later, he was hired on a permanent contract. According to gautuier needs, I lend assistance to the two regulators in charge of the machines at any time.


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Anthony Lemercier found with Gauthier Connectique the company that allows him to thrive on a professional level. Then, after obtaining a professional degree as ggauthier toolmaker, he makes it to the neighboring department of Mayenne to make his first professional experience within the company Mecarelep Gourron.

He recovers first of all a 3D file issued by the design department. This gauthir be due to: For two years he worked as a turner on CNC machines. Login above to view price. Before the manufacture of the piece, I choose my tools according to the machining that I decided to achieve.

How to speak about payment during an interview 20 July 0. His career evolution, which started connecrique than eighteen months ago, is a direct result of the arrival of the first CNC machines.

He is already connectiqque to support the strong growth of his company located in Avranches. Beyond the investments already made over the last two years, it will continue its acquisitions of CNC machines.

The company has indeed made the choice to reintroduce the production of parts internally.