SUBMACHINE. GUN. A. DO-IT-YOURSELF. SUBMACHINE Gerard Métral. It’s Homemade, 9mm, Lightweight, Durable—and It’ll Never Be on Any Import Ban. [Gerard Metral] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Build your own 9mm, blowback, selective-fire submachine gun that’s as powerful as an. Gerard Metral is the author of The Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) and The Do-it-Yourself Submachin.

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You may also deform the extremities slightly by hammering, to obtain the same result more quickly.

Take it apart and file a small recess in it to ensure a positive locking by the screw. The spring guide is maintained in place on the magazine latch by a small deformation of its end formed by hammering. For a heat source, use gas burners.

Retrieved from ” https: Not being noticed is the best defence against violence, it’s amazing how our egos trumpet our presence in potentially violent situations. Insert a loaded magazine into the magazine well, located in the pistol grip, and push in until it locks with a click.

With the selector at the foremost position, you pull the trigger all the way back. The front sight is assembled on the gun. If necessary modify the enlargement factor. Decentralization of large-scale production of the various parts is possible. The gun you’ll turn out will be a 9mm, blowback, selective-fire design with a round magazine. Then assemble the gun completely, with bolt and barrel.

DIY submachine gun. Evening project

Once the correct position is found, fix the ejector on its base with soft solder. Bedding — Place the object in modeling clay. Only a few Jews escaped through the canals; the others, many hundreds, either died during the fighting or were executed in concentration camps. Cut the main spring abutment place either with an appropriate tool or file it off.


Pictorial History of the Sub-Machine Gun. The trigger and the sear are maintained in place on the other side by the small cylindrical spacer T8. Pour milliliters of percent phosphoric acid H3PO4 in submachlne distilled water. The conical recess on the rear face helps feed the rounds. Plugs Drawing The only difference between the front and the back plug is the opening for the barrel in the former Both are machined out of solid 40 mm diameter round stock.

Métral submachine gun

Inside dimensions are critical; therefore, you must first make a form block corrosponding to the magazine you are going to use.

I do not recommend it, but if you have no other choice, try it, as described in the Expedient Solutions section of this book. Take special care to cut the flat sides exactly parallel with the positioning stud hole. Then make the small U-shaped piece to support the magazine catch. If the gun does eject correctly and the bolt is caught by the sear, you may use this kind of ammunition without any transformation of the gun. However, because it uses highly caustic chemicals, it does require strict adherence to safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Tool 3 Drawing This device is useful for the fourth construction step of the bolt carrier. In fact, It is probably an illegal fighting weapon that should be hidden most of the time. It is held in place between the side of the housing and a self-locking nut, on the transverse screw limiting the movement of the sear. No trivia or quizzes yet.


Gersrd the barrel out of the bolt extension. To build a single piece, use the form block of drawing and a vise. A machine is recommended but not essential. Protection of the original: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

These bars are then dispersed to the smaller workshops, where they are cut like an Italian salami. Then rifle it, cutting two or four grooves with a twist of one turn in about mm 10 Inches. Make a mold in two parts and use it to reproduce as many copies of the master as you want.

To use it, begin with the depth-controlling nut screwed into its foremost position, which brings the cutting tool Into its lowest position. Releasing it will let it return under spring pressure and be locked.

Full text of “Do It Yourself Submachine Gun Gerard Metral Paladin Press”

You may also choose to make the bolt carrier in three parts, as shown in the Expedient Solutions section of this book. Therefore, most countries either metrql their citizens to own silencers or severely restrict their ability to do so. If you want to make several, purchase appropriate threading tools. The weapon fires from an open bolt, and therefore the bolt will remain to the rear.

Tibbles the sailor’s cat explodes in a red puff and the children fall down and begin to die slowly, moaning and sobbing quietly in crumpled heaps on the deck. By this time the rest of your crew gedard also be lunging forward with knifes.