Author: Peacham, Henry, ?? Title: The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning. Peacham’s Compleat Gentleman, has 1 rating and 0 reviews. This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint. Herbert E. Cory: “In the tenth chapter of his Compleat Gentleman () Henry Peacham pointed out the value of the study of poetry and closed his review of.

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Henry Peacham (born 1578)

Yea, I my selfe have known fentleman children to have bin holpen of their stammering in speech, only by it. Of expressing Passion in the Countenance. Plato calleth it A divine and heavenly practice, profitable for the seeking out of that which is good and honest.

Music a sister to Poetry, next craveth your acquaintance if your Genius be so disposed In his yonger yeeres, there was ever a friendly and veruous emulation, for the palme of invention and poesie, betweene William Lillie the author of our Grammer, and him, as appeareth by their severall translations of many Greeke Epigrammes, and their invention tried upon one subject; notwithstanding thy lov’d and liv’d together as deerest friends. William Byrd, whom in that kind, I know not whether any may pecaham, I am sure none excell, even by the judgment of France and Italy, who are very sparing in the commendation of strangers, in regard of that conceit they hold of themselves.

Open Preview See a Problem? He was a Knight, as also was Gentleeman. Sophie marked it as to-read Aug 14, No trivia or quizzes yet. That of his, I saw my Lady weeping, and the Nightingale upon which Ditty Master Bird and he in a friendly emulation, exercised their invention cannot be bettered for sweetness of Ayre or depth of judgment.

Of Difference by the Labell.

Peacham’s Compleat gentleman, – Henry Peacham – Google Books

What can be more loftie then his gratulatorie verse to King Henrie upon his Coronation day? He died at Bourdeaux in France, where he was Archbishop, where his monument is yet to bee seene.


Courtesy — Early works to Retrieved from ” https: A Cambridge Alumni Database. Of Difference by the Bend. Peacham’s Compleat Gentleman, by Henry Peacham. Beside the aforesaid benefit of singing, it is a most ready help for a bad pronunciation, and distinct speaking, which I have heard confirmed by many great Divines.

Books by Henry Peacham. Thus have I in briefe, comprised for your behoofe, the large censure of the best of Latine Poets, as it conpiously delivered by the Prince of all learning and Judge of judgements, the divine Jul. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat After him all that long tract of ignorance, untill the daies of Henrie the 8. To the same most excellent Princesse. Peacham himself may very likely have had musical talent, for he was a friend of John Dowland and moved in musical circles.

I willingly, to avoid tediousness, forbear to speak of the worth and excellency of the rest of our English Composers, Master Doctor Dowland, Thomas Morley, M. He hath published as well in Latin as French many Sets, his vein is grave and sweet: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To ask other readers questions about Peacham’s Compleat Gentleman,please egntleman up. Yea, a curer te some diseases: Want to Read saving….

How wittily doth hee play upon the Arch-cuckhold Sabinus, scoffe at Frenchified Lalus, aned Henry a French cowardly Captaine, beaten at the Sea by our English, and his shippe burned, yet his victorie and valour to the English disgrace, proclaimed by Brixius a Germane Pot-aster?

Chrysostom truly calleth the Divels Bath. Gower being very gracious with King Henrie the 4. Alphonso Ferabosco the father, while he lived, for judgment and depth of skill, as also his son yet living was inferior to none; what he did was most elaborate and profound, and pleasing enough in Aire, though Master Thomas Morley censureth him otherwise.


The Compleat Gentleman

Samuel Danielwith sundry others whom The Duke of Venosa, an Italian Prince, in like manner, of late years, hath given excellent proof of his knowledge and love to Music, having himself composed many rare songs, gent,eman I have seen. In he yenry a treatise on art, Graphice, which went through numerous editions under the title The Gentleman’s Exercise. This waiver does not extend to any page images or other supplementary files associated with this work, which may be protected by copyright or other license restrictions.

But the Galley wherein Sir Thomas Challoner was, being cast away by foulenesse of weather, after he had laboured by swimming for his life as long as he was able, and the strength of his armes failing him, he caught hold upon a cable throwne tue from another galley, to the losse and breaking of many of his teeth, and by that meanes saved his life.

King Henry the eighth could not only sing his part sure, but of himself composed a Service of four, five and six parts; as Erasmus in a comoleat Epistle, testifieth of his own knowledge.

Lillie also was beside, an excellent Latine Poet, a singular Graecian; who after he travelled all Greece over, and many parts of Europe beside, and lived some foure coompleat five yeeres, in the Ile of the Rhodes: Add to bookbag Search this text: Of sundry Greenes in Oyle. Again, in S’io potessi raccor’ i miei Sospiri, the breaking of the word Sospiri with crotchet and crotchet rest into sighs: