I bought this multi effects pedal from frets & keys in chesterfield, england. Originally the unit was priced at £ but this one was reduced to £ as it had been. User review from blah2 about Korg Ax1b: questions and I’ll cry the long, it is the First Russianness great sign for Korg bass effects editable!. Again, it’s Korg! That’s not to say it’s perfect, but what digital multi-effect unit is? None of the effects suck per se, but some are better than others. The distortions.

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The ability to edit and create your own personnal effects is superb, and i have spent long period of time tweaking everything to my taste. They can get noisy or hissy at higher settings, so use sparingly.

User reviews: Korg Ax1b – Audiofanzine

Some are really good, some are OK, and some just suck out loud!!! None of the effects suck per kogg, but some are better than others. Our members also liked: Sometimes I wish the compressor was seperate, but for an older unit, I’m nitpicking just a bit. Log in Become a member. If you’re a working pro musician this is not the unit for you. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I sold it to buy the gear Analogik This was created using headphones, and I recorded direct with it with great results.

For what is correct but it sounds very erratic especially at the volumes and frequencies.

It does not replace a chromatic tuner isolated but can be connected between two pieces with no Unplug all You can typically find these at music stores dealing with used gear and in Ebay for a very good price, which is quite shocking, again, considering the superior sound quality over the competition. If you need a GOOD at-home practice unit that sounds great with headphones powered multimedia speakers with a subwoofer is totaly KILLER and will inspire some new musical ideas, or your a rocker on a budget and need something in a reasonable price range that will get the jorg done, look no further.


A better set-up would be to have one pedal for volume and one for wah-wah effects. I have kicked ax11b and stamped on it during thrash songs and its still in perfect condition. As it happens but first pedal to get serious or go for intensive use your chemin. I typically don’t use too many effects playing live, rather I look for specific tones.

The tuner is quite effective and generally prcis. In this caliber of multi’s, the Korg AX1B is hand-down one of the best sounding units I have ever used, and again, anyone needing kkrg just looking at getting into a two-pedal plus expression multi, seriously consider this one before going with one of the Zoom or Digitech units.

That’s not to say it’s perfect, but what digital multi-effect unit is? I suppose for something like a ring modulator, it would be useless without a pedal, so Korg put some thought into what effects would be pedal-use only.

Not satisfied with those reviews? Heavy duty platic with steel bottom. The reverbs are OK, but unless your going for something off-the-wall, you don’t need much, if any, reverb anyway. This thing may not have quite as many features as the Zoom and Digitech units it was built to compete with, but that should tell you that Korg wasn’t so worried about a drum machine or kirg lights as they were about QUALITY effects and sound for the money.

Login or Sign Up. Some of them, however, are only available by assigning the expression pedal. Ax1b, Other Bass Effect from Korg. The other drive effects compressor, exciter are excellent.

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This is not really a loss But like most multi-effect units, only one at a time can be used. The effects of factory settings and are rude not ad1b easy, that said, the range is relatively broad and some sounds are convincing, within the limits of fun.

Korg Toneworks Bass AX1B

View the Media Kit. I play reggae and metal and I find everything I want in a small box! The distortions are, well, digital, so take that for what it is. If it were lost or stolen, I wouldn’t be in a big hurry to replace it, but I would eventually replace it just the same.

All in all, the year or so I’ve spent with the AX1B has been pleasurable. Request a new review. I have overall achieved great results with the two aforementiond basses, as well as a Dean Custom Zone. I’d say it’s quiet enough to go direct to the house system I’ve done so on occasionbut if that’s your type of setup, you’re more than likely going to buy something more modern and sophistcated-such as the Korg AXB or the Boss GT-6B.

The quality of the effects arnt as good as if you buy the pedals individually, but that is to be expected. The modulation effects are quite nice. The pedals are pretty responsive, so there’s no need to jump on them.

The in built tuner and metronome add an extra incentive to buying it.

It can make a nice first pedal for kids in the limit. This is not my main unit for stage, but if I had to use it for a gig, I would have no worries.

That being said, be nice to your gear and it WILL return the favor! C is just good to do mumuse in his room.