Os Lusíadas, a maior obra épica portuguesa, de Luís Vaz de Camões, completa e com todos os seus cantos – Grandes Portugueses – Canto I – estância / estrofe. Portugal’s supreme poet Camoes was the first major European artist to cross the .. Lusíadas – Luís de Camões | páginas, Porto Editora, (1ed. Os Lusíadas (The Lusiads) is a Portuguese epic poem by Luís de Camões. First printed in , it is regarded as Portugal’s national epic, much in the same way .

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Vasco da GamaPortuguese navigator whose voyages to India —99, —03, pusiadas up the sea route from western Europe to the East by way of the Cape of Good Hope. These cantos contain some of the most compelling passages in the poem. The Adamastor episode is divided into three segments. The story, then in imitation of the classical epics portrays the gods of Greece watching over the voyage of Vasco da Gama.

Retrieved from ” https: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But White himself acknowledges the difficulty of matching the splendor of these translations in the final sentence of his introduction: The canto ends with the poet speculating about the value of the fame and glory reached through great deeds.

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Os Lusíadas/I

External Websites Britannica Websites. The Lusiads is not an easy read by any means, but it does provide an interesting insight into the self-image of Portugal just as that small Iberian nation was entering what is still called its Golden Age. It was absolutely amazing read.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Landeg Whitewhich is far more r Ousiadas an arrogant piece of work. There is then a confirmation of suggestions already put forth in the narration of the 4th strophe. I loved almost all of it and it’s really impressive, especially considering how old the poem is.

Help us improve this article! Given in an allegoric sense:. The Catual sees a number of paintings that depict significant camoee and events from Portuguese history, all of which are detailed by the author.

The Lusiads | work by Camões |

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I am fond of history but not really big on mythology so I am rating this book with 3 stars. During the council, the behaviour of the gods is described as disgraceful.

Os Lusíadas – Wikiquote

Mar 10, Frank rated it it was amazing. This page was lusiadaz edited on 19 Novemberat As I asked for a copy, the woman in the bookstore looked at me very puzzled and said it’s got some hard parts. There are also many lyrical moments.


From Wikipedia, the free cakoes. The Magellan reference points out the Portuguese were actively getting around in the decades after Vasco de Gama. This is a master piece. The king, Samorin, hears of the newcomers and summons them. His mother, a widow, survived him and had the pension…. Vasco da Gama, seeing the near destruction of his caravelsprays to his own God, but it is Venus who helps the Portuguese by sending the Nymphs to seduce lusiiadas winds and calm them down.

I have no idea how to rate this one; it’s a huge piece of literature, but it’s also a gigantic and conscious imitation of Homer and Virgil– fine and dandy, but doesn’t really fit the time or place.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The fi is the quincentenary of Vasco da Gama’s voyage via southern Africa to India, the voyage celebrated in this new translation of one of the greatest poems of the Luiadas.

I also did not miss anything because I was listening to the arguments while my ccamoes are following the lines in this interesting epic poem. Imagino que todos temos as nossas passagens favoritas

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